Opinion | Rudy Giuliani Is Wrong About Chicago’s Bloodshed

The “let cops be cops” solution — most recently peddled on “Fox & Friends” in light of the bloody weekend — feeds the delusion that police officers themselves can actually control crime, that the causes of and prescriptions for plagues like gun violence are untied to socioeconomic factors. Giving the police more of anything — more numbers, more money, more liberties — to quell violence is still a reactionary, and thus limited, posture. And yes, so is simply calling for tougher gun laws (regulations the city of Chicago has, but its immediate surrounding area does not). To the communities affected, policing and gun laws are only parts of the puzzle.

Experts Say the Trump Administration's Push for Death Penalties for Drug Dealers Is Misguided

In an effort the stem the tide of deaths from the U.S.’s opioid epidemic, the Trump administration is pursuing a policy that could lead to more people dying. Days after President Donald Trump controversially called for the execution of some drug dealers in cases of fatal opioid overdoses, as the BBC reported , attorney general Jeff Sessions formalized the proposal. On Wednesday, March 21, Sessions sent a memo to federal prosecutors outlining how they could pursue the death penalty for certain dr

It's Almost Impossible for Inmates to Get a Divorce

CHICAGO—Testifying one recent Wednesday morning that her marriage was irretrievably broken, a young woman told the Cook County court she was waiving her option to collect spousal support or divide any shared assets with her husband; all she wanted was to be free of him. When the woman’s legal representative asked if she’d tried to work out their differences, she paused. “Well, he had an alcohol problem and had been abusive,” she testified. “You can’t really work that out.” Beyond the age of mass

Trump DOJ And Chicago May Reach A Police Reform Deal With ‘No Teeth’

CHICAGO ― After several bruising years for the Chicago police and Mayor Rahm Emanuel, heightened by the fatal shooting of teenager Laquan McDonald by an officer, allegations of a City Hall cover-up and a damning Justice Department probe, the city is poised to begin its police reform efforts. But now there are serious doubts about whether a toothless plan can address the deep problems. News trickled out of city hall last week that Emanuel planned to seek a “memorandum of understanding,” rather t

Officer Involved In Tamir Rice Shooting Fired From Cleveland Police Department

A Cleveland police officer involved in the November 2014 fatal shooting of 12-year-old Tamir Rice has been fired from the department, city officials announced Tuesday. A second officer involved has been suspended. The department fired Timothy Loehmann, who was a rookie cop at the time of the shooting, and issued a 10-day suspension to veteran officer Frank Garmback, his partner on the scene. Both officers had been on restricted duty while the department conducted an internal review related to t